National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States Journal

Fans of National Geographic’s guides to the National Parks will flock to create a bucket list of their own in this one-of-a-kind journal. The companion to Guide to the National Parks, Secrets to the National Parks, Atlas of the National Parks, and Complete National Parks of the United States, this helpful logbook offers planning advice as well as space for recording your most cherished travel memories.

The ultimate road trip companion, this keepsake diary will help  you chronicle your journey to all 63 U.S. National Parks. Special features include a map to check off each park you visit, helpful tips and tricks for planning, guided prompts to capture your favorite memories, and journaling space. Inside you’ll find:

  • Need-to-know information about each destination, from the best times to go, entrance fees, visiting hours, and visitor centers
  • NG’s ultimate trip recs, from museums to the best hiking trails to the best places to eat at each destination
  • Planning space, featuring guided prompts to help prepare for your trip and record priority activities
  • Journal space to record your fondest vacation memories, from best memory, favorite bite, best trail to unguided journal entries.
  • Bucket list map, providing the perfect space to track your journey across the country and across the world
  • Photo space allows you to include your own photos—and be inspired by select National Geographic photography from each destination.